Farming Simulator 19: Pre-order Now

Farming Simulator 19: Pre-order Now

The Farming Simulator 19 is now listed on and the standard version can be pre-ordered for the price of 34.99 € for PC or for the price of 49.99 € for consoles:

FS19 PRE-ORDER PC / PS4 / Xbox (From 34.99€) 

In the listed link is the pre-order price guarantee ! It means it is final price!

You are welcome to pre-order different Farming Simulator 19 versions:

  • Standard version: Contains the basic game.
  • “Day One” version: Contains the base game + previously unknown additions (LS15 and LS17 have a bonus vehicle as a download).
  • Collector’s / Collector’s Edition: Contains the basic game + hitherto unknown additions (the LS17 there was the following: Collector’s / collector box, bonus vehicle Fendt 900 Black Beauty, bonus vehicle Challenger MT700E Stealth Edition, book “The Art of Modding / The Art of Modding” , Book “Modding for Dummies” as PDF, DVD with “Making Of” material and “Modding Tutorials 3.0”, Farming Simulator Lanyard, Farming Simulator A2-Poster, 10 stickers of the biggest brands, 5 “Concept Art Cards”, Valtra N174 model tractor)

FS19 PRE-ORDER Day One Edtition [PC] (From 34.99€) 

FS19 PRE-ORDER Collector’s Edition – [PC] (From 49.99€) 

FS19 PRE-ORDER Day One Edition – [PlayStation 4] (From 49.99€) 

FS19 PRE-ORDER Day One Edition – [Xbox One] (From 49.99€) 

Farming Simulator 19
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