Tractor Steyr Terrus CVT v1.0.0.0

Tractor Steyr Terrus CVT v1.0.0.0

Standard Steyr Terrus CVT from LS19 with various modifications
I am now making my Steyr Terrus CVT available.
This is the standard Terrus from the LS19 with small but fine modifications.

What was done:
– new store picture
– new colors selectable (tires, design, base)
– new engine sound (own creation)
– New tire configurations in addition to the standard tires
– wide fenders selectable
– New compressed air horn with the associated compressed air horns
– various terminals as configuration (decoration only)
– Exhaust chrome cover selectable
– Fire extinguishers for decoration
– Front flash with function
– Intersection speed camera with function
– Mirror speed camera with function
– Various stickers on the discs can be selected (take it with humor !!!: D)

I hope you have fun with the Steyr & if not just remove it from your mod folder: easypeasy:
Ideas and wishes for an update are welcome here or on my Instagram page: ls_farming_austria.
Best regards,

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