Mod Zetor Crystal 12045 v1.2.0.0

Mod Zetor Crystal 12045 v1.2.0.0

Change Log
– Many new configurations
– Many things have been improved.

Change log
– Modified roof (IC panel)
– New front wheels
– Turbo added (in engine configuration
– New weights on the rear wheels

Price: 49500 €
Max. Power: 117 km
Max. Speed: 35 km / h
Maintenance: 190 € / day

– Front linkage
– Front loader console
– Front weight
– Tire
– Engine
– Lighting

Color configurations:
– Rims
– bodywork
– Fender

– IC panel (door, rear window, roof)
– Door animation sounds
– Doors and rear windows open from the outside
– Realistic smoke
– padded driver’s seat
– Passenger
– Moving gears
– Moving pedals: gas, brake, clutch
– Portable handgas
– movable axis
– Real engine noise
– movable cardan shaft
– Mobile e-RPM tip
– warning light (beacon)

Modell:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
Textur:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
Script:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
Idee / Konzept:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
Tester:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
Sonstige:CatFan18 Mods, Czarnel Edits
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