Mod Jenz HEM 583 Z – with EpsCab v1.0.0.1

LS 19 Implements & Tools
Mod Jenz HEM 583 Z – with EpsCab v1.0.0.1

If you are in to woodchipping and have ever used the Jenz HEM, you most probably have encountered that annoying log jumping bug. But have no fear, the fix is here! 🙂

– Fixed log jumping bug (not tottaly eliminated, but a lot better)
– Ajusted arm controls (just a tiny bit faster)
– Added trailer low attachment. Visual and functional. (you can finally use those cool sugarcane trailers for woodcipping)

Original authors:
Bensterr, Ronny.B

Edited by:
Topless Moosey Presents

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