Mod Courseplay v6.01.00037

Mod Courseplay v6.01.00037

Version 6.01.00037 fixed:
– Keeping constant speed even when recorded with another speed
– wait for mode 1 enabled (no timers)
– CombineUnloadAIDriver.lua file bug fixed
– Temp Fix for: CpManager.lua:296
– pre-turn lane misses first regular field row
– Start engine when transitioning to another course
– Also improved the racetrack pattern, implements are lowered earlier
to not miss any fruit at the start of the row.
– Spreader turns on too early during turn
– FIX for: The combine comes to the harvester, the harvester stops and the unloading begin. (works perfekt). But the combine will not start. When i fire the helper nothing happend. I have to close the pipe manually. Then start the CP Helper again an then it works.
– FIX for: If the Hervester passes the combine at his waiting point, the harvester stops and open the pipe. I have to stop the CP Helper an close the pipe manually. Then the harvester will start.
– Vehicle stops instead of continuing into refill route
– fixed attachedCombines in old mode2
– Horsch Pronto 9 DC will not run course without fertilizer – FIXED
– fixed fuelFilling ignores settings
– fixed – Lock mouse from zooming when scrolling inside the CP Hud. Note: This will also prevent any keypress while inside the hud so you wont be able to drive a vehicle, open esc menu or tabbing over o another vehicle while mouse is inside the CP hud!!!
– Egg box/wool pallet dirty fix by Hans Moser
– Stop at wait points in transport mode, no timer yet
– implemented cover handling in mode1

Courseplay Six v6.01.00037 Beta for Farming Simulator 2019

Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 19. It allows you to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much more…


Installing the released version:
Copy the archive file to your mods folder. That’s all, folks!

The mods folder is located at:
Windows (7 and above):
C:Users[USER NAME]My DocumentsMyGamesFarmingSimulator2019mods

Mac OS X (Download/DVD/Steam-Version):
/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019

Mac OS X (X 10.7 and above):
/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2019/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019


  1. First be sure you have the latest patch: Farming Simulator 19 Update
  2. For the people that don’t get it to work. Unzip the .zip file and then zip the “FS19_CoursePlay6” folder and then move that to your mod folder.
  3. Disable or temporarily remove all mods from Farming Simulator 19 mods folder and try again.

Please comment bellow which steps helped you to run Courseplay. If you solved an issue in different way, please let us know in comment section!

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Peter Vaiko
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