LS22 Thüringen 2.0 Final v2.1.0.0

LS 22 Maps
LS22 Thüringen 2.0 Final v2.1.0.0

Map details: There are 57 fields
There are 10 multi-fruits
There are over 31 custom productions on the map
The map is available on our forum registration for free

Changelog Thuringia 2.1 Final
– Small corrections
– Kate was adjusted to M+ e.g. clover balls can be wrapped and separated
– Production installed where things from M + cells can
– Non M+ players have a different production
– Feeding robots have been removed as they are not compatible with M+
– AD courses coming soon
– New save game required

The LS22 Thuringia 2.0 is just the right card for XXL and production lovers!
In addition to very large fields, the map also offers many custom productions that make the heart of every production lover beat faster.
The textures of the buildings look good so far, but some objects show their age, but this rarely happens.
At first glance, the functions run without any problems.
The sound effects on the productions sound good, but sometimes a bit too loud.
The log throws no errors

Changelog Thuringia 2.0 V 1.1
– Invisible Colli removes Tailoring
– Signs installed productions
– Fixed a spelling error in gravel works
– Shop spawn point expanded
– Custom missions disabled for now, except for rye
– Apro production building visible again at the unloading point
– Terrain adjustments
– Diesel production now as a production point on the PDA and no longer as a point of sale
– Fixed the floating wall at NaturaPura
– Both gates now have the translations
– Adjusted new terrain for the fields No must (new save game) required!!!!
– Empty crate production is now spelled correctly
– Sell/buy punk Geedöns building fixed
– Fixed field missions cultivators
– Store carrots in the courtyard silo possible
– Fixed various floating objects
– German license plates installed
– Fixed double entry white cabbage
– Fixed sun shadow error
– Added new production Mixed Grain
– New mixed bread production
– Added pasta/knekebread production
– Lavender production now includes bale acceptance
– Warning Fixed
– Bakery is now pastry shop
– New bakery gives new goods
– Courtyard area at field 22 straightened and expanded
– Rye flour is used for pasta
– All wind turbines that are on a field that has been bought are also yours
– All other wind turbines can be bought across the country
– Wind turbines then bring further income which is paid out at the end of the day
– Multifruit Vehicles Added Rexor 6300 for carrot, onion, white cabbage, and red cabbage Deventor 4150 for potato, onion,white cabbage, and red cabbage
FT300 Carrots, Onions and Potatoes, Rootster 604 For red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, and sugar beet
Evo 290 For white cabbage and red cabbage, Keiler2 white cabbage, and red cabbage.
All are modified with Multicolor Vento speed.

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