LS22 Small Flatbed Autoload Trailer v2.0.0.0

LS 22 Trailers
LS22 Small Flatbed Autoload Trailer v2.0.0.0

Small Flatbed Trailer With Tipper and Logging Options

– Completely reworked the autoloading bale feature to be able to autoload all bales including all the bales from the FS22_SelectableBaleCapacity mod from the same trailer.
Now needing multiple trailers for different bale types is no longer necessary.

The newly updated bale capacities are:
NOTE: The new capacities are without using the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod.

150 Small Square Bales (1.2 meter Conventional Bales)
20 1.8 meter Square Bales
18 2.2 meter Square Bales
16 2.4 meter Square Bales
18 1.25 meter Round Bales
14 1.5 meter Round Bales
14 1.8 meter Round Bales
3 Round Cotton Bales
1 Square Cotton Bale

– Replaced the strobe lights with custom-modeled ones.
– Added real lights to the strobe lights, so they will reflect off the surroundings.
– Added additional configurations.
– Added support for the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod.

NOTE: The FS22_UniversalAutoload mod is not required for bale autoloading to work however for pallets or logs to autoload you will need the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod installed as well.
To use the autoload feature on PC/Mac with the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod, the trailer’s configuration needs to be set to the standard “Flat Bed” configuration (first body configuration choice).
With the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod, it is also possible to autoload logs when configured as a logging trailer. (autoloading logs is not possible on consoles).
To use the autoloading bales feature (available on all platforms) without the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod, the trailer’s configuration needs to be set to the “Autoload Bales” configuration (second body configuration choice).

– Added gamepad button controls and dedicated keyboard/mouse controls to adjust the gooseneck and front pin hitch heights.
– Added rear hydraulic hose and electric wire connections to the rear of the trailer.
– Added ability to autoload Hesston bales.
– Hesston bale capacity – 10

– The trailer frame, rims, and tipper body are all color selectable.

The trailer has 4 different body configurations:
– Standard flatbed bale/transport trailer (cost $15,500).
– Tipper body without cover (additional cost $15,000).
– Add cover to tipper body (additional cost $1,000)
– Log forks (additional cost $1,500).
– Added a liquid tank (cost $10,000) and slurry/digestate spreader with an 18-meter work width (cost $2,500) as an additional configuration.
– Can be configured as a flat hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch. (cost $1,500).
– The gooseneck coupler height is adjustable for different vehicles.
– A rear trailer hitch is also an option. (cost $100)
– The standard Lizard tires and rims are custom-made.
– The trailer is equipped with ramps for loading and transporting small machinery.
– The ramps work both with the flatbed option and the tipper body options to load small machines in the tipper body.
– The cover has a collision and there cannot be a vehicle or other products in the tipper when closing it.
– Tipper capacity – 22,440 Liters.
– Can carry up to 8-meter logs.
– Flatbed trailer can be configured to autoload round and square bales.
– There are 4 different trailers in this pack.

Bale capacities for the trailers in this pack are:
150 Small Square Bales (1.2 meter Conventional Bales)
16 1.8 meter Square Bales
16 2.2 meter Square Bales
16 2.4 meter Square Bales
16 1.25 meter Round Bales
16 1.5 meter Round Bales
16 1.8 meter Round Bales
3 Round Cotton Bales
1 Square Cotton Bale

To use autoload, key “B” starts and stops loading.
The key “Y” is for unloading bales using the left mouse button to place them where desired or to unload them directly to the bed for manual unloading.
After unloading, key “Y” must be pressed again to “reset” the autoloading process for the next load.

– Added support for FS22_SelectableBaleCapacity mod’s 2x, 3x, and 4x bales.
– Added rear strobe lights. Uses a standard beacon light key to activate.


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