LS22 LIMANNY Map v1.0.0.3

LS 22 Maps
LS22 LIMANNY Map v1.0.0.3

Map FS22 Limanniy version: is located in northwestern Kazakhstan 2 villages, 1 city. there is a gas station in the city, in every village there is a gas station, but it must be filled or dropped on the spot. 2 cowsheds, 1 stable, 1 pigsty, 1 chicken coop, 1 sheepfold. 27 fields, 8 industries (2 Feed Towers, Fish Farm, Diesel Plant, Sawmill, Smokehouse, Butter Plant, Flour Mill, Meat Processing Plant. 15 points of sale.

Improved a little background, fixed some recessed symbols

Added Gates to the Smokehouse and the Sleeping House Expanded some fees on rice paddies At the Meat Processing Plant, you can now produce mutton Added some details at the Butter Factory

The Smokehouse can now produce smoked meat Fixed some sales points. sell Bales (Form Production, Kuzinay Hayloft). Added more pedestrians in the City.Please do not judge the quality of the mod, this is the first time I do it. Thank you for your understanding.


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