LS22 Kamaz 65111N/53228 v1.0.0.0

LS 22 Trucks
LS22 Kamaz 65111N/53228 v1.0.0.0

All in-game functionality
Animation of the suspension and other components
Original sounds (eSounds designer Erlan10
Two chassis 65111N and 53228
Two cab options (with and without a sleeping bag)
Choice of the volume of fuel tanks (295l and 710l) (comes in conjunction with the choice ” platforms”)
Two engine options (260 and 280 hp)
Five wheel options with the possibility of combining front-rear (9 options)
Two options for the front bumper with the possibility of individual painting of each
Four options for rear mounting (tow bar)
Choice cabin colors
Choice of windshield frame color
Choice of color of side fairings
Choice of color of upper radiator grille
Choice of color of lower radiator grille
Choice of color of front bumper
Choice of color of cabin fenders
Choice of color of body/barrel/platform, etc.

Now for each chassis separately Chassis 65111N:
All listed functionality in the first paragraph
Tipper platform with rear discharge 17 m3 side boards for transporting various dynamic objects, namely logs, bales, pallets, etc. (belts are present)
Tipping platform with rear unloading 24 m3 (first option, but with wooden stripes)
Dumping platform with rear unloading 30 m3 (first option, with silage stripes)
Truck tractor Chassis 53228:
All the listed functionality in the first paragraph
Tipping platform with side discharge 30 m3
Sortimentovoz (belts are present)
Onboard platform with the ability to open the desired side (belts are present)
Covered onboard platform with the ability to open the desired side (belts are present, as well as a choice of tarpaulin color) Chassis 53228 tank truck:
All the listed functionality in the first paragraph
Tanker truck 16 m3 for transporting fuel
Tanker truck for transporting process water (transports water)
Tanker truck for transporting technical fluids (transports water, liquid fertilizers and herbicides)
Food tanker truck (transports water and milk).

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