LS22 Hemp DLC Pack v1.0.0.0

LS 22 Packs
LS22 Hemp DLC Pack v1.0.0.0

A complete mod pack of all types of extended productions for maps that include Hemp as a field crop

Production Points 
Hemp Processing Facility – Input: Hemp – Output: Hemp Stalk, Hemp Flower
Hempcrete Refinery – Input: Hemp Core, Lime, Water – Output: Hempcrete
Hemp Water Retting Facility – Input: Hemp Stalk – Output: Hemp Bark, Hemp Core
Hemp Ropes LLC – Input: Hemp Core, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Rope, Hemp Yarn
Hemp Flower Processing – Input: Hemp Flower, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Seeds, CBD
Hemp Biofuel Transesterification Facility – Input: Hemp Seeds – Output: Hemp Biofuel
Hemp Pallet Facililty – Input: Hemp Bark – Output: Empty Hemp Pallets
Hemp Biofuel Refinery – Input: Hemp Biofuel, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Biodiesel, Hemp Ethanol
Hemp Paper Facility – Input: Hemp Bark, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Paper
Hemp Spinnery – Input: Hemp Yarn, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Clothing
Hemp Bakery – Input: CBD, Flour, Sugar, Milk, Egg, CBD Butter, Strawberry, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: CBD Bread, CBD Cake
Hemp Lumber Plus – Input: Hemp Bark, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: Hemp Boards
Hemp Dairy Facility – Input: CBD, Milk, Empty Hemp Pallets – Output: CBD Butter
Sell Station
Dispensary – Buys: ALL Hemp DLC Products – You supply the demmand!

Decorations / Other
Buildable Hempcrete Walls – Bring Hempcrete and unload at the trigger point. Watch your wall rise the more you fill it. Takes 15,000 ltrs of Hempcrete to fill.
Buildable Hempboard Walls – Buildable Hempboard Wall. Bring Hempboard Pallets to unload trigger. Takes 10,000 ltrs each.
Hemp DLC Flag – Income Generator

Vehicles / Tools
Hemp DLC Liquid Trailer – Holds ALL Hemp DLC Pack Liquid Filltypes
Hemp DLC Hooklift Container Box – Load and transport all your Hemp DLC products in this sleak hookllift container (Requires a Hooklift truck)*
Hemp DLC Autoload Transporter – Loads MOST of the Hemp DLC Pallets (Excludes: Hemp Biofuel, CBD, Hemp Paper, Hemp Biodiesel, and Empty Hemp Pallets)

Fill Stations / Silos
Hemp DLC Fill Station – Buy all your bulk Hemp DLC Products needed to speed up your productions of items
Hemp DLC Liquids Tank – Buy all your liquid Hemp DLC Products needed to speed up your productions of items
Required Mods: Squigglze Extension & Pallet Autoloader Specialization

All Vehicles/Tools have thier own Hemp DLC Pack store category


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