LS22 Enhanced Vehicle v0.9.9.2

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LS22 Enhanced Vehicle v0.9.9.2

The Enhanced Vehicle script displays more information about the vehicle on the screen and adds several new features.

Changed in
– Added mod settings menu (rctrl + / or lctrl + /);
– Fixed English translation;
– Updated Portuguese and French translations.

Changed in
– Reworked the calculation of the working width.

Changed in
– Binding to the lane.

Changed in
– Improved course handling.

Changed in
– Added simple auto-rotation;
– Rewritten traffic lane code;
– Fixed bugs;
– Built-in translation into Russian.

Adds a drive mode to your vehicle (temporarily until GPS / GuidanceSteering is released), differential locks, four-wheel drive modes, and improved hydraulic control. It also shows more detailed information about the vehicle in the HUD.

The HUD display shows:
– Damage values ​​in% for the driven machine and all its attachments.
– Fuel level for diesel / AdBlue / electric / methane and current fuel consumption.
– Current status of differential lock and 4WD mode.
– Current engine speed and temperature.
– The current weight of the driven vehicle and the total weight with all its accessories and weights.

In a single player game, the mod is fully functional. In multiplayer, all clients except the host will not display fuel consumption, engine temperature and weight correctly due to GIANTS engine failure.

Below is a list of control buttons:
– Ctrl + End – fix the direction of movement;
– Shift + End – previous direction of movement;
– Ctrl + Home – rotate and fix the direction (180 °);
– Ctrl + PageUp and Ctrl + PageDown – change direction by 45 °;
– Shift + PageUp and Shift + PageDown – change direction by 1 °;
– Ctrl + Shift + PageUp and Ctrl + Shift + PageDown – change direction by 22.5 °;
– Ctrl + Num 7 – connect / disconnect the differential on the front axle;
– Ctrl + Num 8 – connect / disconnect the differential on the rear axle;
– Ctrl + Num 9 – switch the mode of full (4WD) / not all-wheel drive (2WD);
– Ctrl + Num / – reset the interface on errors or after changing the mod interface settings;
– Ctrl + Num * – reload XML file when to display changes without reloading the game;
– Shift + Home – disable / enable the display of information (damage and fuel).

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