LS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v0.4.0.0 Beta

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LS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v0.4.0.0 Beta

You like the original Haut Beyleron but it’s too small for you, then the department (county) Haut Beyleron might be right for you. Great for multiplayer.

Changes for Update Beta:
Fixed floating lamp on the GwH (available from version
Strawberry milk cannot be stored (ext. pallet storage as mod) (fixed from version
New production cherry & olive plantation -> new product cherries (available from version
New product in food production -> tomato-mozzarella salad (available from version
New product in jam production -> cherry jam (available from version
Added additional decorative elements (available from version
Removed faulty elements (available from version
New production (placeable) sweets made of honey -> honey candy and honey lollipops (available from version
Adjusted production rate of cucumbers in Greenhouse XL (available from version
Production rate of empty pallets further increased (available from version
Poplars no longer have to be rolled after planting (available from version
Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no
My recommendation is to delete the splitShapes.gmss in the savegame (this will reset all trees)

Changes for Update Beta:
Added FillType sales unit | for productions that sell at the same time like the Big Bakery (available from version
Added more language variables (available from version
Tank trailer now also gets water at the waterworks (available from version
Some objects were moved to make AD some space (available from version
Sales products in the bakery do not return empty pallets, otherwise they will spawn without a mod ( available from version )
The standard trigger in the bakery no longer takes bread (available from version
The bakery now also sells cheese bread from its own production. Cheese must be delivered (available from version
The dairy now sells cheese bread from its own production, bread must be delivered (available from version
The pigsty now has a mark where the straw must be tipped (available from version
Repaired defective pallets (available from version
New production furniture factory -> products: furniture, chipboard (available from version
Empty pallets can now be bought again, but are very expensive to make their sale unprofitable (available from version
Some production rates changed (BGA, empty pallets, etc.) (available from version
Added exterior lighting to the small garage (only installed on the map) (available from version
Enlarged area at the textile furniture production (available from version
Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

With the department (district) Haut Beyleron you get a 4-fold map that has its origins in the Haut Beyleron, so it is not simply a conversion of the map but an extension of the original Giants FR map.
The map has been expanded in the style of the original map and now simply offers more areas for agriculture etc. to make it more interesting for multiplayer. My recommendation is therefore clear, the map is less made for single players without CP and AD, but rather for multiplayer or single players who have fun playing with CP and AD.
The map now has 99 fields (the largest has 50 ha), a Lohner main courtyard and 4 standard courtyards in the corners and also 4 BGA’s. There are also productions installed on the map that are visually larger on the one hand, but also have more bars (and cost). There is a large cow and sheep pasture for those of you who enjoy raising cattle. The top left fields are for grapes and the top right for olives (but don’t have to). Since the card is still in beta status, my clear recommendation is not to build anything further on it, because productions are still being added and existing products are being expanded. I installed a 4x fermenter/grass dryer at the hardware store, so 4 different players or farms can buy and use them here. No products can be sold in the productions, there are corresponding triggers for this, most of which have already been visually identified. There should also be no orders where stuff has to be carted into productions.
In the main courtyard there is a straw and fodder store that naturally accepts bales, but they have to be placed on the conveyor belt (so don’t be surprised, it has to be like this). Since there is enough to do on the map, there is no multifruit. If you want more fruits, you have to install them yourself. But also here the hint, only do that when the final is out!

At this point it should be said that a lot of small stuff is still missing such as decoration, delineators and lighting in and on the productions. So there will be at least weekly updates until the final. If something needs to be changed in the savegame, there are of course instructions for doing so.
Another small note, if you want to make wood, you should have the MoreTree mod, because the tree limit on the map has been reached and you can’t plant trees without the mod.

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