LS22 Claas Jaguar 900 Type 502 v1.2.0.0

LS 22 Combines
LS22 Claas Jaguar 900 Type 502 v1.2.0.0

– Added color configuration to harvesters
– Added header store items with matching color configuration
– Changed dual connectors to realistic connectors
– Added passengers to Jaguar 900 and 900TT

– ModDesc version updated to 65
– Added low trailer attacher joint to Jaguar 900
– Added twin exhausts to Jaguar 990 and 990TT engine configurations
– Adjusted SMV triangle positions

With its industry-leading design, the output of up to 380 tons per hour of forage, proven reliability, and unmatched crop flow and quality, the new Jaguar 900 series Type 502 forage harvesters are built to take on any field to produce top-quality silage and improve your operation. New to the Jaguar lineup is the Jaguar 990. The new top-of-the-line 990 outputs 925 horsepower using a MAN V12 engine. Another new Jaguar addition is the TERRA TRAC drive concept. Available for years on the LEXION and more recently the AXION, the TERRA TRAC track system provides effective soil protection, reduced compaction, and a headland mode to reduce footprint on turns. The SHREDLAGE kernel processor system will process and condition long corn stalks and provide quality silage, leading to more milk and healthier livestock.

This mod features two machines: the Jaguar 990-930 with wheels, and the Jaguar 960TT/990TT with the TERRA TRAC drive system.

Engine Options:
Jaguar Base Price – $358,500
Jaguar 930 – 462hp
Jaguar 940 – 516hp
Jaguar 950 – 585hp
Jaguar 960 – 626hp
Jaguar 970 – 790hp
Jaguar 980 – 850hp
Jaguar 990 – 925hp

Jaguar TERRA TRAC Base Price – $380,500
Jaguar 960 TERRA TRAC – 626hp
Jaguar 990 TERRA TRAC – 925hp

Wheel Options:
Jaguar wheel brands – Michelin, Trelleborg, Continental, Mitas, BKT, Vredestein
All wheel brands feature…
Standard – $0
Wide – $2,250
Front Duals – $5,000
Front Row Crop Duals – $4,750
Rim color configurations – default CLAAS red, all basegame colors

Jaguar TERRA TRAC wheel brands – Michelin, Trelleborg, Continental, Mitas, Vredestein
All wheel brands feature one tire option
Rim color configurations – default CLAAS red, all basegame colors

Pipe Configurations:
Jaguar – Short, Standard, Large, Extra Large
Jaguar TERRA TRAC – Standard, Long

Additional Configurations:
Warning Signs – North American 1, North American 2, European
CAMPILOT camera (decoration) – No, Yes
Horns (decoration) – Standard, Extra Air Horn
Silage Inoculant Tank – No, 24 liters

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