LS2019 Un Air d’Aveyron v2.0

LS2019 Un Air d’Aveyron v2.0

Here for you the Map Un Air d’Aveyron in version 2.0
The map includes:
– Closed :
– 2 cow farms
– 2 closed cereals
– 1 Sheep farm
– 2 farm buildings without animals

-Point of sale
-A sawmill
-A sale of PDT and beet
-Sale of milk
-3 coop
-Sale of cotton and wool
-A cattle seller

-All FS19 functions
-0 log error
-Compatible season
-128 fields
-8 patch of grass
– Livestock merchant
– 2 forest
– Purchase of fertilizers, lime and seeds from the agricultural coop

Thanks: PascalT, CedM46, Fred, HomerJC, Spider, Tétine, Lavipere, Lbdt Gaming, Linkmat.
Credit: LaValléeAgricole

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