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This is the version 3 of TCBO Mining Project.

Because the map recive many ideas from my map (MCE) I decide change the name. The name  results the union of TCBO map with my ideas on the MCE.
The reason I´m working on this map its because I like the landscape of this map but unfortunately, the programming its very poor and have many errors. When I talk with the authors they said don´t have time to fix the errors, and they weren’t going to work anymore on the map. So I decide fix and add more stuff to make a better map as the map deserve.
I leave here my thanks to authors (Baguette and OviixC) of the map for let me work on this map and publish .
I´m working on job start from others, so its difficult discover how some things is on the map, and I added many other things. So probably you find some issues. What i ask is if you find any issue please report to me for the next version came better.
I also want to thank all my Patreons for the help they give on last week report to me issues. They are important for the map came to this stage you have access.
For the last, but very important I leave thanks to FS Miner for some new ideas and help me test and find problems.

Changelog v0.3: – Fixed the selling point harbour – Fixed the selling points (Terre) for Dirt and Tailings – Fixed the translation on global company for iron processor – Fixed trigger on marblepallets – Fixed beacon on concrete processor – Clean files and folders – Fixed some issues on dediserver log – Fixed the main issue. Now the log is clean. – Increase the capacity on Iron processor for each material. – Aligh the heaps with the conveyors on ironprocessor. – Increase the capacity on stoneprocessor. – Fixed the strange things apears on coal and lithiumore heaps. – Lights on the interior of the workshop in complex mine only turn on when the night comes. – Added some light poles. – Fixed the Steel selling point. – Added new secondary road – Added two selling points on the top of the building for use with bigger cranes. – Fixed the position some displays on the factorys
NOTE: If you don´t like this type map don´t download, don´t play. Avoid unnecessary comments. We like this type of map, and if the game allow this type of modding, lets us play as we want. Thats the beauty of Farming Simulator. Play as we want.
Very important: you can´t continue old saves. You need start a new save game or the changes not take effect.  You must delete all old versions of the map from your mod folder.

Giants Software Baguette, OviixC (TCM), Nonnus (me), FS Miner All modders do placeables I use (the credits is on the original files inside the map) Global Company authors

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