LS2019 MultiOverlayV3 Hud V v3.30Beta

LS2019 MultiOverlayV3 Hud V v3.30Beta

Version 3.30 Beta
– fix first Start IconFail Icons
– fix GC Productivity at Display and Storage Object
– fix Convert FillType Name over langugage.xml (name=”fill_washedpotatoes” _de=”Gew.Kartoffeln” etc.) !needs reg name!
– new Optional View Player Pos coordinates,under MiniMap
– new 2xPDA Cmd(incl.2xHidden Icons) invisibleAllSlots(Invisible all SLOTs) and invisibleAllPdas(Invisible all PDAs)
– new Features for Slot Cmd FillTypes/Amount/Price and FillTypes/Amount – > Sort By Amount(Default),Name or Price
– new Detector for Slot Cmds Objecs (name is >> near object (Slot Cmd Select Settings)
– new more Pda Icons
– new Bale/Pal. Storage Addon by GtX | Andy Support (Sort by ObjectStorages)
– new Missionen FillTypes #WEI for Weizen or #KAR for Kartoffeln etc. (or click % for fullname) (SP Blinking Field Mission)
– move from page 2 at page 1, viewApps and viewLines 1 Map Missionen
– new InGame Time DigitalClock Icons with Function (optional hours:minutes:seconds)
– new FillTypeMover Script by Farmer_Schubi Support (Sort by Factory(FM))(bsp: Porta Westfalica Map)
– new Separate Storages Cmds (Sort by Storages)
– new 1xSlot Cmd *consolenCmds* (Sort Module by Moh)
– new 1xSlot Cmd *Farmlands* (Sort Module by Moh)

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