LS2019 Kroeger HKD 402 screenprint v1.4 Final

LS2019 Kroeger HKD 402 screenprint v1.4 Final

As the Kroeger HKD 402 screenprint was already one of my favorite pendants in the LS 2015, I adapted it for the current LS.

Changes to Vers. 1.4
– Harvesting at harvesting machines, filling jet to the bottom of the loading area
– Fixed fill trigger

Thanks for the help with troubleshooting:
FlowRider86, FBM Admin, Deutz Depp, say, Farmer P99, Oldenfarm

– 3-axle turntable
– Price 25,560 LS-Euro
– Capacity 29,850 liters
– tire selection
– Rim color selectable
– tilt to the rear, right, left and grain shifter
The Urmod is from the LS 2015 of the modding blacksmith.
Since no negative answer came to my question, I rebuilt it for the LS 2019.

All functions are present, no errors or hesitation in the log.
I hope you like it, if not there are enough alternatives.

Have fun and greetings

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