LS2019 ATC Cargo Transportation Pack v1.0.0.0

LS2019 ATC Cargo Transportation Pack v1.0.0.0

Hello everybody,

The vehicles of the ATC Cargo Transportation Pack are perhaps one or the other from the 17th known. they were part of the ATC vehicle pack there. Here is the FS19 version. These are trucks and trailers with platform construction, with which one can transport general cargo or other vehicles

The pack consists of the following vehicles:
TGS03: MAN 18t flatbed body
TGS04: MAN 26t flatbed body
TGS05: MAN 41t flatbed body

TGD03: 2 axle turntable trailer, short wheelbase
TGD04: 2 axle turntable trailer, long wheelbase
TGD05: 3 axle turntable trailer

TSDH03: 1 axle rigid drawbar trailer
TSDH04: 2 axle rigid drawbar trailer
TSDH05: 3 axle rigid drawbar trailer

TST06: 1 axle semi-trailer
TST07: 2 axle semi-trailer
TST08: 3 axle semi-trailer

The designations 03 … 08 refer to the number of modules in the bunk. One module with 1.6m length offers space for two pallets.

Functions of the vehicles:
adaptive cornering light (trucks only)
Speedrotating parts (trucks only)
TrailerAttacher front and rear (only trucks)
different engines depending on the weight class (trucks only)
DLP construction
MergeGroup construction
Selection of the logistics company
Selection of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication (general cargo or vehicle transport)
additional Trailer Trailer at the rear (only trailer)
For semi-trailers, you can also adjust the KingPin (see F1 menu) (TST0x only)
In the case of rigid drawbar trailers, you can also adjust the height of the drawbar (see F1 menu) (TSDH0x only)
Straps for the transport of bulk goods
DynamicMountTrigger for vehicle transport
LS19 lighting system
different tire manufacturers and types
Color Choice Body
Color choice rims
Own category in the shop.

concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix
scripts, LSMC (GC), ifko (Addconfig.lua)
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