LS19 Wagon Charge Pack v1.0

LS19 Wagon Charge Pack v1.0

[FBM Team] Wagon Charge Mod Pack for Farming Simulator 19 game, pc version only.

What was done ?:
– Main color and design color with respective brands
– Colors added / selectable
– 5 tire configuration (Trelleborg / Michelin)
– Added decals
– Rim color selectable
– Baywa sticker available
– Work light selectable
– Volume selectable standard / large
– more details
– License plate installed
– 40 km / h shield installed
– LS 19 standard

Technical specifications:
– Purchase price at approx. 46,000 € (depending on the brand)
– power of min. 95 hp (70kW)
– Volume of 50000 dm³ (57000 dm³)
– Max. Working speed of 20 km / h

The loader wagon is suitable for small / medium-sized businesses with a horsepower rating of 100 hp.
It can be used well for grass silage.

Thanks to Marc B. for the pictures!

Have fun Muaxer!

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods
Modder/Idee/Umsetztung: Muaxer
Unterstützter: Dani-86
Tester: FBM-Team
Grundmodell: Giants Software GmbH
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