LS19 Trailed Line Duo 1814 Fur Mais Plus v1.0

LS19 Trailed Line Duo 1814 Fur Mais Plus v1.0

This feed mixer must be filled with grass silage and corn silage and straw and mixed fodder is produced
This is my first mod so please don’t kill me when it comes to errors
It is a feed mixer where grass silage, corn silage and hay have to be fed. You can stretch the mixed ration with straw as usual.
in singleplay log without errors
not tested in the MP but should work

what was done:
License plate added
Filling types changed and adjusted
Greetings and have fun
your scorpion 1312

Giants Software GmbH
Idee / Konzept: Skorpion1312
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What is this Farming Simulator 19 mod used for:
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