LS19 POM Brodnica Sigma Plus Pack v1.0.0.1

LS19 POM Brodnica Sigma Plus Pack v1.0.0.1

A packet of two Sigma Plus aggregates from the Polish manufacturer POM Brodnica, belonging to the Krukowiak Group.

– improved textures
– patched store icons
– improved working depth

The aggregates are available:
– Sigma Plus 4.5m
* 115 hp required
* the price of $ 25,000
* working speed 15 kph
– Sigma Plus 6.0m
* 160 hp required
* the price is $ 32,000
* working speed 15 kph

– Standard 32×10 teeth
– JackPot 32×10 reinforced teeth ($ 1000)

Category: cultivators

Bociek17, Ostry
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