LS19 Leboulch Gold 2 XXL Trailers Pack

LS19 Leboulch Gold 2 XXL Trailers Pack

Starting Price Version 2 AXLES: 30 000.
Basic Price Version 3 AXLES: 38 000.
Large Trailer Capacity: 24 000 to 29 000 litres.
Capacity Small trailer: 18 000 to 23 000 litres.
End-of-door options: rear or grain doors.
One of the things that impresses us, these are the many design options you get in the shop. Yes, you can change the ability of each trailer. But there are also many other design options.

We are impressed by the quality of this pack of modules. And it’s good to be able to also carry French equipment to fs19. the only thing we don’t really like, it’s the brilliance of the wheels provided with the trailers.

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