LS19 John Deere 4440 V1.0

LS19 John Deere 4440 V1.0

Well here it is guys… the 4440 is live! I spent a month polishing, fixing and adding to this thing, so I hope you enjoy!

It has:
-Front loader option
-Weight options (0-1300 lbs)
-8 tire options from Firestone & Goodyear
-Accurate & functional lighting
-Animated gauges and steering wheel
-Accurate to life specs and transmission options!
-Clean log
-Hand recreated accurate to life decals
-And many more details &fixes. Please enjoy! And remember, please keep the original link.
Thank you to all the people that worked on this mod through all the farming sim games, like Boertjie, Knagsted, Tyson McCrary, Steenkamp Modding and AOB Modding. Wouldn’t be possible without them, go check the still active ones out!

Anyway, here is the V1.0.0! If you notice anything wrong, tell me right away! Otherwise, tell me if you like it!

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