LS 19 Placeable Volvo hall v1.0.0.0

LS 19 Placeable Volvo hall v1.0.0.0

Hi Guys
Here I introduce you a modified hall of R & M Modding in the style of the Volvo
Release of R & M Modding is available.
Gates can be opened in and outside via a switch. The limits in the hall can be switched on via a switch on the wall in the entrance.
If errors occur try the hall first without Other mods in the folder to test, to close errors of the hall off. Should errors still occur, please share them with me.

Modell: R&M Modding
Textur: R&M Modding,D&L Fahrzeugbau
Idee / Konzept: R&M Modding,D&L Fahrzeugbau
Tester: R&M Modding,D&L Fahrzeugbau
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