LS 19 Ideal Erweiterung v1.5.0.6

LS 19 Ideal Erweiterung v1.5.0.6

The Agco Ideal with fifteen different cutting

units , version
– Universal Passenger support added (the Universal Passenger Mod from the Modhub is required)
– Tire system completely renewed (due to problems with the tire collision, these are now resolved)
– Optically installed a front axle
– Display for the cutting unit speed removed (did not work with the EnhancedVehicle Mod)
– buyable warning signs inserted for front and rear

Contents of the pack:
– Ideal 7t, Ideal 8t, Ideal 9t and 10t
– Ideal 7PL, Ideal 8PL, Ideal 9PL and 10PL
– 7.7 meter dynaFlex and powerFlow cutting unit
– 9 meter dynaFlex and powerFlow cutting unit
– 10.7 meter dynaFlex and powerFlow cutting unit
– 12 meter dynaFlex and powerFlow cutting unit
– Helianthus 5700 and 12000 cutting unit
– Quasar F4 and HS16 cutting unit
– Diamant HS8 and HS12 cutting unit
– Draper 3162 (user request)

– Ideal 7t and 7PL inserted
– grain tank capacity selectable ( 12500 l and 17100 l)
– rim color “black” and chrome added
– color choice seat upholstery (gray, green, red)
– upholstery selection (fabric or leather)
– tablet animated (see picture)
– warning lights for work light front / rear, diesel tank, def and Beacon inserted in the tablet
– tire manufacturers Trelleborg and Michelin
– Standard and wide tire variants (according to manufacturer’s catalog – Straw
dividers and animated rapeseed knives inserted in all cutting units – Thresher status
symbols inserted (open grain tank, Pipe extended and straw tray off)
– hectares of display inserted
– Interior selection (fabric or leather)
– Auto contour inserted by Zetor6245 ( Tilt compensation on the cutting
units ) – built-in mileage display (Blacky┬┤s Drive Distance Mod is required
– color selection for thresher and all cutting units

recommended mods:
mileage display by Blacky_BPG
[MOD] mileage display – Black Panther Group Forum
AdBlue package by speergebiet:
Def Pack | ModHub | Farming Simulator

– AddStorageCategory by Ifko [nator]
– ChangeModTitle by Ifko [nator]
– threshingFlowIndicator by da-hoffi
– AddConfig by Ifko [nator]
– fruitTypeParts by da-hoffi
– lightExtension by GTX

Autocontur :
What is this Farming Simulator 19 mod used for:
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