LS 19 Maps

Updated to Giants 1.3. Growing grass

Used newest editor and scripts 8.1


This is the final, no updates till required!

Tested on dedicated server for over 30 days no errors, 2 large file warnings due to 4xmap


only 1 farm house and barn at farm 1 location (can be sold)

Removal of redundant files before public release of final!

Cars stuck in ground and in bad places removed,

landscaping and missing textures around farm & 1 biogas plant , levelled the ridge, now level

road at bridge fixed, can now drive a loaded low-bed semi trailer onto bridge in your own lane without getting hung up

other small landscaping

no other changes will be made till next update requirements

V3.1.3 Final Fly through

flusstal2 version 3.0 was tested for 30 days till update, to assure a fully working and tested modmap to bring you the final. To help with making sure the correct version is used, flusstal was moved to version 3.1.3 to follow with the giants releases.

As always feel free to edit/change if you MAKE MAJOR CHANGES feel free to share with your own download link!

Sign up to free multiplayer community to report issues and be the first to get the updates.

New map coming in next 2 weeks

FS19 Peastanville

2 parts – part 1

part 2

****Updated with Giants editor 8.1****

Bio Gas plants silo now working

landscaping around new bio gas completely

Pre-built farm 1 location complete with all large husbandry (mods included)

2 mods have tiny errors will be getting these mods fixed(no new save game will be required)



MAKE SURE GIANTS DELETED THE SAVE GAME FOLDER WHERE YOU START YOUR NEW GAME. All other flusstal version saved games might also need to be deleted (moved to a new location for safe keeping)

fully working farm with animals and product in silo’s ready to farm. All large husbandry. (new video coming for 3.0)

version 3.0 will be next and will be the final, *optimization*

this version is verified and working on a dedicated server, 4 minor warning in dedicated server, 2 file names with spaces, and 2 files are to large,

1 new bio gas plant – 3 in total

Previous bio gas plants changed to full size plants (including new triggers)

East Mann Rear trigger replaced, added grains

Sea Port 1 trigger replaced

Transport missions now in English and named properly

1 transport mission moved to mountain top restaurant with extra rewards

Moved vehicle shop spawn farther forward from shop

South sawmill wood chip trigger lowered

New start vehicles.(everything you need to start)

Secret mountain road smoothed (want it a little rough)

all farms vehicles spawn at main shop (working on this)

Reduced file size

This is a PreFinal, please be picky and report any issues no matter the severity,

if no errors the next version will be the final, with a fully built main farm (sell able)

(farm in video is a preview of the almost done final version)

***having issues with a couple of the large husbandry as placeables or would of been in this version***

last tiny things, proper map icons, and other tiny cosmetic issues, the 3 bio gas plants need the cosmetics fixed due to the changes. Reduce file size more etc.

1 new gasifier plant

2 sawmills, replaced sawmill south and Rear now complete sawmills with log sales.

wood chip sales rear moved and now full size sawmill (Sawmill North), with logs and woodchip sales.

Vehicle Spawn point for farm 3 changed to north shop.

new shop in central city (main city now completely rebuilt)

Shop and Farm Icons moved/added, Shop at central city now spawn vehicles for farm 1 and 2.

3 farm map icons added.

both fs17 gas stations changed to new gas stations with lighting.

sell point markings added to all sell points.

rogers, moved beet pile to allow truck to drive around the plant.

ligthting, many new lights added to city and sell points and intersections on highway.

gate with triggers added to some sell points

ATV Park map icon and now signed staging area with lights.

majority of the cosmetics are complete textures trees etc.

some tiny cosmetics still need to be completed while the sell point and gameplay is being verified.

removed object from road on F10

removed atm in air F19

removed planters from old shop area

***Please check log and chip sales at new sawmills***

***2 hidden roads can you find them both?***

**still can not find cars that are in game and not in editor, anyone that can help with this would be greatly appreciated!

this next stage is the final stages, making sure the gameplay is functional and balanced.

your input is very important to make a well rounded map.

there should now be a balance of seel points for all areas of the map, this should make for a much better gameplay from many different locations.

the sell points names I feel can also be imporved. looking for suggestions.

If you feel there could be a better balance please feel free to suggest them.

The next version will be updated missions, then a short test period then the final of this map.

I will be using the forum on for support and issues with this map, to allow for future updates in and when needed.

Version will be working on missions, and any issues found in V2.0.0.4

26 sell points in total

2 bio-gas plants

2 animal dealers

shop moved to central city

central city completely rebuilt with real houses, commercial building and lighting (more lighting next update).

ground around all city roads have been fixed, no more drop off.

more cosmetics needs to be done to central city.

some textures have been added to main city.

start of atv off-road course added to NW mountain range, diff lock required! (signing still needs to be done)

all original sell points have been updated with new triggers and larger trigger area.

2 new roads! can you find them both?

fixed all sell points

all sell points are now in English

poll sheds removed

farm areas level and smoothed edges (had some rough edging)

farm 1 area made larger, many trees removed, pushed back the mountains to allow for large husbandry.

1 new sell point Costco

File size will drop drastically once final edits are complete. 3 cities from 3 different maps is making for large file size and will be reduced.

BGA now fully on the ground, turned straight to be able to fill easier,

all purchase silo’s removed from farm start locations

All building removed minus the big poll shed, now can place anywhere in the main farm area

Main Farm Field levelled to allow for a much larger main farm

no other changes made

the map

35 fields of all sizes

approximately 10 woods

3 courtyards

3 cities

launch vehicles are also available on medium difficulty.

if you find any mistakes, then please do not insult me ​​in the comments, but write me a pn with screenshot then i can take care of it.

field 1 (field01) : 19.965 ha – 49.334 ac

field 2 (field02) : 9.489 ha

field 3 (field03) : 30.373 ha

field 4 (field04) : 4.294 ha

field 5 (field05) : 1.836 ha

field 6 (field06) : 7.816 ha

field 7 (field07) : 121.937 ha

field 8 (field08) : 21.263 ha

field 9 (field09) : 17.673 ha

field 10 (field10) : 9.606 ha

field 11 (field11) : 9.114 ha

field 12 (field12) : 7.657 ha

field 13 (field13) : 7.633 ha

field 14 (field14) : 10.485 ha

field 15 (field15) : 16.381 ha

field 16 (field16) : 16.366 ha

field 17 (field17) : 22.028 ha

field 18 (field18) : 8.533 ha

field 19 (field19) : 21.934 ha

field 20 (field20) : 17.428 ha

field 21 (field21) : 47.885 ha – 118.326 ac

field 22 (field22) : 8.680 ha

field 23 (field23) : 2.335 ha

field 24 (field24) : 28.093 ha

field 25 (field25) : 32.293 ha

field 26 (field26) : 6.610 ha

field 27 (field27) : 9.429 ha

field 28 (field28) : 30.370 ha

field 29 (field29) : 37.936 ha

field 30 (field30) : 8.359 ha

field 31 (field31) : 5.365 ha

field 32 (field32) : 11.878 ha

field 33 (field33) : 13.735 ha

field 34 (field34) : 8.537 ha

field 35 (field35) : 10.715 ha

field 36 (field36) : 6.990 ha

Need all large animal husbandry for place-able without errors please let me know of any you find, prefer North American modern

A true 4 farm map, all 4 farm locations, fields and sell points are evenly matched for the 4 main farms (competing for strategic lands), majority of fields can be easily combined without cutting down trees(could turn the map into a few extremely large fields), more realistic sell point locations and land property values, higher priced sell points are in the industrial area of the city and port, very few sell points outside the commercial areas.

oleo edit by parzivaL

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