Lizard Roadrunner FB v1.0.0.0 LS19

Lizard Roadrunner FB v1.0.0.0 LS19

What has been changed?
– Two (2) engine options added (“Performance” @ 680hp + “Heavy Haul” @ 750hp)
– Four (4) different beacon configurations (no beacons, beacons on the side of the sleeper, beacons on the roof of the sleeper, four beacons)
– Four (4) different options for signage (no sign, long load, wide load, oversize load)
– Optionally you can have the oversize load and wide load sign with flags

All the rest is still like the Roadrunner in the base game – so color selection is still intact.

PS: the machinery / skidder trailer can be found alongside the MF320

Enjoy and keep on trucking!


Model / Textures / etc: Giants Software
Parts (RUL holder, flags etc): from the archive, will ofc add credits if creator speaks up
Edit: FarmerBeavis
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