FS 19 John Deere 8030 Series Official v4.0

FS 19 John Deere 8030 Series Official v4.0

Hello LS community!
I present you my new version V4 John Deere 8030 Series for FS2019.The mod has a lot of new stuff and fixes.
In the new version John Deere 8030 Series,I removed old IC Control script and added all animations with sounds for Simple IC mod.(Now mod working with Courseplay!)
Moreover they stayed fixed UDIM textures, orrected lights, added new animations and configurations added BKT tires and RDA script and many other new features…
I spent a many time on this mod.I hope you will like the mod and and you’ll appreciate my effort.
Have a nice game!

John Deere 8030 Series [8130, 8230, 8330, 8430, 8530 and 8530 Chip]

Changes In new verion V4.0:
*Added Simple IC Animations with sound(mod working with Courseplay)
*Removed old Interactive Control
*Added Foldable Front Arms in FH[OUT]—> Simple IC
*Opening door[IN/OUT] and Back Window[IN]—> Simple IC
*Foldable Warning Signs[IN] —> Simple IC
*Opening bonnet[IN/OUT]—> Simple IC
*Foldable Sun Visor[IN]—> Simple IC
*Foldable Steering Column[IN]—> Simple IC
*Added BKT Tires
*Added Transmission configuration(AutoPower/PowerShift)
*Added Fenders configuration(new models)
*RDA in wheels(Added Tire Pressure script)
*Added Extinguisher configuration
*Fixed a few UDIM textures
*New Details In Model JD8030
*Corrected Lights in bonnet
*New Sticker configuration(Tiemann)
*And other new features and fixed bugs…

-UDIM textures(Washable and Wearable)
-Animated joystick
-Full animmated front axle
-Seat Suspension
-Pedals Animation in the cabin
-Dynamic Hoses
-3 Types Warning Sings configuration
-Configuration selection —>  Front weights or Front hydraulic
-Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
-6 types engine power versions(8130, 8230, 8330, 8430, 8530 and 8530 Chip)
-Wheels configurations
-Worklights configuration
-John Deere Accessories configuration
-3 types tires configurations —> Trelleborg, Michelin and GoodYear
-Movable cooler fan
-Exhaust configuration —> Normal and Chrom
-GPS configuration
-5 types Logo Stickers configuration —> Rebo Landmaschinen, Fricke, B+S Landtechnik, LVD Krone and Agromix
-Terminals configuration
-Number plates configuration
-Animated hydraulic
-Horn trumpers and Top Lights configuration
-Animation wipers
-CB Radio configuration
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Dust, tire tracks
-Movable front fender

***** No errors in the LOG! *****

Rysiu77(Rysiu_77_), Sotillo Tire Pressure Script:Wopster
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