LS22 Sugar Production Pack v1.0.0.0

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LS22 Sugar Production Pack v1.0.0.0

Enjoy a new game experience in the production linked to the cultivation of sugar beet and sugar cane!

– Sugar beet will now have two production waste products: molasses and dehydrated beet pulp.
– Sugar cane produces cane sugar and cane juice, and has two waste products: bagasse and molasses.

All this sugar is used to produce delicious barley sugar, sweets, strawberry sweets, and honey sweets.

The production waste from your sugar industry will be used for several purposes:
– sale, in particular, of bagasse to the biogas boiler plant
– the production of a total mixed ration for your livestock:
1. molasses and dehydrated beet pulp added to silage
2. bagasse and molasses, bagasse does not have a high nutritional value, so there will be a significant loss of production.

Two silos for storing sugar cane are available, as well as two silos for storing sugar beet.
Of course, a sales outlet is also available. It will allow all products to be sold, including those of other mods (if they have been categorised)

Sugar factory:
Purchase cost: 100,000$

Storage capacity:
– Sugar beet: 500,000l
– Cut sugar beet: 500,000l
– Sugar cane: 500,000l
– Sugar: 200,000l
– Cane sugar: 200,000l
– Cane juice: 200,000l
– Molasses: 300,000l
– Bagasse: 300,000l
– Dehydrated beet pulp: 300,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Sugar (sugar beet and cane): 12,000 cycles/month, cost: 120$/month
– Sugar (cut beet): 4,800 cycles/month, cost: 72$/month
– Cane sugar: 12,000 cycles/month, cost: 120$/month

Purchase cost: 65,000$

Storage capacity:
– Sugar: 100,000l
– Cane sugar: 100,000l
– Water: 100,000l
– Honey: 50,000l
– Strawberries: 50,000 l
– Barley sugar: 50,000l
– Candy: 50,000l
– Strawberry candy: 50,000l
– Honey candy: 50,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Candy (all) and barley sugar: 4,800 cycles/month, cost: 120$/month

Production of cattle feed:
Purchase cost: 60,000$

Storage capacity:
– Dehydrated beet pulp: 400,000l
– Molasses: 400,000l
– Bagasse: 400,000l
– Silage: 400,000l
– Total mixed ration: 200,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Total mixed ration: 240 cycles/month, cost: 72$/month

Biomass boiler:
Purchase cost: 40,000$

Market stall:
Purchase cost: 5000$

Silo for sugar beet or sugar cane:
Purchase cost: 15,000$

Large silo for sugar beet or sugar cane:
Purchase cost: 35,000$


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