Mod Wladimirec T-25 v1.0.0.0

Mod Wladimirec T-25 v1.0.0.0

– Power: 23 kW / 31 HP;
– Speed: 25 km/h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 60 l.;
– Price: 9 800 €;
– Ability to install additional lighting, mirrors, beacon;
– Choice of front loader mounting;
– Working lighting;
– Working dashboard;
– Animated pedals and gearshift lever;
– Adjustable linkage;
– IC control;
– Leaves wheel marks.

Update 11.08.19:
– Added IC control;
– Added the function of adjusting the linkage;
– Fixed right window.

Modmens, Goldenshoes, Tada, Pipciu&Mieciu;, FS19: Frycuu
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