LS22 WesternStar49x dump truck with pup v1.0

LS 22 Trucks
LS22 WesternStar49x dump truck with pup v1.0

the moment you been waiting for meet the westernStar49x dump truck with matching pup both have great compacity and lots of futures  like beacons and much more was a good time consuming mod as i spent good time making these mods hope you enjoy.

for westernStar49x dump:Bcbuhler PierceCustoms credits for Justin Wies for the free swinging tailgate and col to make it haul wooding tailgate and col to make it haul wood HD modding for the cab Genaro Garcia for the new fill plane fsminer for the extra help on the cylinder pup trailer: truckdriver63363, PierceCustoms, Justin Wies,

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