LS22 Eastern North Carolina USA v1.1.0.1

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LS22 Eastern North Carolina USA v1.1.0.1

This is a map of Eastern North Carolina in the USA.

– The map was created from actual satellite photos of the area.
– The fields, trees, and houses are as close to where they are in real life as I could make, but of course, I added productions and in-game sell points that do not actually exist there for gameplay.
– The growth map has been updated for the region’s weather.
– Most of the production areas available have been added to the map.
– There is a wide selection of starting equipment to get you started.
– The production areas have been edited to both hold more pallets in the spawners and the production pallets have higher capacities.
– There are 47 different fields all with field missions (2 grass mowing) ranging from the smallest field of 0.188 hectares (0.465 acres) to the largest of 15.092 hectares (37.29 acres).
– Land prices have been calculated from the average land cost of the real-life area.
– All land areas are purchasable separately. The land where there are houses is more expensive than undeveloped land, as it would be in real life.
– All the houses on the map are sellable to make way for larger fields if you so desire.
– The main farm area has a multi-fruit storage silo with a capacity of 1,000,000 liters and will hold everything in the “bulk” category.
– Grapes were added to the “bulk” category, so they can be carried in any in-game or modded trailer that carries items in the “bulk” category.
– A workshop area is also on the main farm and is owned by the player. (new farmer mode only)
– Added the ability to shred logs into wood chips at the sawmill as an additional production.
– Includes cow, sheep, pig, and chicken areas that need to be purchased to use.
– The cow, sheep, and pig areas have added bale triggers for feeding. The cow and pig areas have added bale triggers for straw as well. Simply leave the bales in the triggers and they will automatically empty as needed.
– Husbandry capacities areĀ 250 Cows, 350 Pigs, 500 Sheep, and 500 Chickens.
– All animal navmesh areas have been redone, and their pastures are custom-made.
– Added Limestone, Sand, Gravel, and Concrete as additional fill types.
– Limestone can be loaded from the storage area at the Concrete Production plant and ground into Lime.
– Bins of Lime will be produced or the Lime can be stored in bulk at the Concrete Production plant in the silo to produce concrete pallets.
– To have the Lime stored in the silo, and not produce bins, the output must be changed in the productions’ menu from “Storing” to “Distributing” (Distributing is the default setting) so Lime bins will not be produced.
– The Concrete Production plant will also grind Stones into Sand.
– Gravel can also be made from Stones with Sand as a by-product.
– You will need Lime, Gravel, and Sand to produce concrete pallets which can be sold at the Farm Shops.
– Added Corn Meal and Cracked Corn as additional products that can be produced at the Grain Mill from Corn.
– Bins of Cracked Corn will be produced, or the Cracked Corn can be stored in bulk at the Grain Mill in the silo.
– To have the Cracked Corn stored in the silo, and not produce bins, the output must be changed in the productions’ menu from “Storing” to “Distributing” so Cracked Corn bins will not be produced.
– Corn Meal can be sold at the Pizzeria, and Supermarket.
– Cracked Corn pallets and bins can be purchased at the shop for chicken feed, or Cracked Corn can be produced at the Grain Mill.
– Cracked Corn can also be sold at Farm Shops and Animal Dealer.
– Corn Oil Pallets and Soybean Oil Pallets have been added to the oil mill as additional productions.
– Corn Oil and Soybean Oil are made from Corn and Soybeans, with Pig Food as a by-product.
– The Oil Mill will produce Pig Food bins when ready and the Pig Food can be sold at the Animal Dealer or used to feed your pigs.
– Added Sunflowers, Oats, and Cracked Corn to the Chicken’s feed.
– Chickens require Cracked Corn which is 60% of their feed requirements. Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, or Oats are 20% of their feed requirements, and Sunflowers are 20% of their feed requirements. (total of 100% productivity)
– Chickens must have at least one type of feed in all 3 categories to be productive.
– Added straw swaths to Canola and Soybeans.
– All the bushes are movable. When the bushes are mowed, new meadow grass is “planted” in their place.
– The bale capacities have been increased.
– Custom-modeled license plates for the area.
– Lime production point has been added to the Debris Crusher to make lime out of stones.
– Map is Precision Farming ready.
– Lime, seeds, solid fertilizer, and bulk mineral feed can be purchased from the silo at the main farm and the Farm Shops.
– Slurry can also be purchased at the Farm Shops if needed.
– There is a slurry/digestate storage tank located at the cow farm. Capacity is 4,000,000 liters.
– Added many more ground textures to paint in-game while landscaping.
– Added more foliage textures to paint in-game while landscaping.
– There are 100 collectibles scattered throughout the map to find. There is a showcase in the dealership office to see your progress.
– The water plane stretches the entire area of the map.
– The water fill trigger also covers the entire map area, you can dig down anywhere on the map to create a pond or water feature and have an active water fill trigger anywhere.

NOTE: This update will require a new save game. (PC players do have options however and may not need a new save.)

– Fixed Issue with crashing and not saving on Playstations.
– Fixed issues with collectibles that were unreachable.
– Fixed the issue that trailers in the trailer park were not able to be sold.
– Fixed cover not working on starting trailer.
– Fixed the issue of slow and “jerky” cow motions while they are inside the cow barn.

– Added additional configurations to the starting trailer.
– Added additional straw trigger and openable gate in the cow barn.
– Added ability to paint cultivated, plowed, and grass field textures in the landscaping tool inside the “painting” tab.

NOTE: A new save game will be required for the major changes to take effect such as changes in ground level, floating trees, placeable location changes, etc.
Needing a new save game can be avoided by using the landscaping tool to lower or raise ground levels and selling and/or replacing placeable.

– Fixed signs and mailboxes that would fall over by themselves.
– Fixed various floating trees. (See note above)
– Fixed various floating objects. (See note above)
– Fixed collectibles that couldn’t be reached.
– Fixed the issues with distant map objects flickering and disappearing when inside the BGA silage bunkers.
– Fixed the issue that the starting trailer would not show slurry effects when configured as a slurry spreader.
– Fixed the issue that the cow’s manure bunker was spawning inside the barn. (See note above)
– Added button assignments for game pad controllers for adjusting the dividing floor, gooseneck coupler, and pin hitch on the starting trailer.

– Added support for the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod to the starting trailer.
– Made breakable joints tougher for mailboxes and signs, now they do not break as easily.
– Added more recipes to the productions.
Now you have the choice of standard speed or having the productions put a rush on your products but for a higher cost.

– To report bugs, floating trees, etc.


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