LS22 Departement Haut Beyleron (4x) V1.0.0.0

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LS22 Departement Haut Beyleron (4x) V1.0.0.0

Today I have for you the 4x Map Department Haut Beyleron which means something like district Haut Beyleron.

– Adapt floor to textile production ( fixed in update )
– New cow pasture including liquid manure storage under field 62 (available from version
– New sales station near Feld 59 (available from version
– Chips now require sunflower oil (available from version
– New sheep pasture with 350 sheep at the long bridge (available from version
– some products could not be sold anywhere (available from version
– Building at sugar factory without collision ( fixed in update )
– some floors straightened (available from version
– additional crash barriers set (available from version
– changed some ground textures to prevent tracks (coming from the ground) on roads ( available from version )
– New spruce seedlings production (available from version
– New log production including pallets (available from version
– Sawmills take wood log pallets (available from version
– Pallet factory accepts wooden trunk pallets ( available from version )
– Increased prices for empty pallets in the shop (available from version
– Added decoration in front of the bakery (available from version
– resized some farmlands ( available from version )
– Greenhouses also need liquid fertilizer and seeds ( available from version )
– removed floating objects on field 63 (available from version

Changes to the placeables.xml necessary: ​​no
Replacing the terrain.heightmap.png necessary: ​​yes
Delete the splitShapes.gmss necessary: ​​yes (note, the trees will be reset)

Before I say one or the other about the map, I would like to get rid of the urgent note that it is a BETA and here and there not everything is ready. However, due to the many requests, I decided to publish the map.

In the Haut Beyleron district there are more fields and also the odd production (not all of them are implemented yet, you should wait before placing your own). There are now a total of 99 fields and some areas that can be used as meadows or commercial areas. The map has a large main courtyard in the center of the map and another standard courtyard more or less in each of the corners. There are 4 BGA’s and a 4x fermenter/weed dryer at the hardware store, but you’ll see. Since there are 5 courtyards, the game modes don’t work and all the courtyard buildings are there anyway. Currently there is a large sheep pasture and cow pasture.

Currently there is a hardware store with a fermenter/grass dryer, a large sugar factory, a large mill, a large bakery, a large oil mill, a food production facility and a jam factory. More will follow, some buildings are already there. In the big productions there is always an extra sales trigger that has nothing to do with the production itself.. well, you know, you can’t sell anything in a production you’ve bought.

The 3 fields on the left in the north are for grapes and on the right for olives. For this reason, there are also corresponding packaging productions that can of course also be used as storage. You deliver grapes or olives and can then transport them to production on pallets or sell them.
The productions of the original map are still there.

If you don’t feel like having to start a new savegame through updates, you should only download the map when it’s no longer a beta, otherwise I hope you like the map so far and have fun.
I have set up a bug report on my Discord. If you find something, you can report it there and don’t complain.

Oh yes, the Autodrive courses are here

What do you need for the Kate? Otherwise you cannot make wood

For sugar and flour transport:

What do I recommend?


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