LS22 2020 Ford Super-Duty Limited v2.0.0.5

LS 22 Cars
LS22 2020 Ford Super-Duty Limited v2.0.0.5

“The 2020 Ford Super Duty lineup represents the pinnacle of the company’s pickup-truck capabilities and technology. From the F-250 to the F-350 and all the way up to the F-450, these heavy-duty behemoths are built to tow substantial loads and even double as family transportation. The most basic versions are perfect for tradesmen and the fanciest trims are fit for business executives. There’s no shortage of horsepower and torque with any of its three available V-8 engines—which are highlighted by the most powerful diesel on the market. Regardless of the configuration, the 2020 Super Duty pickups prove the potential of modern heavy-duty trucks.” – Car & Driver

Please enjoy this version of the Ford Super-duty, In my opinion, the Limited trim versions of the F350 and the F450 are Fords finest piece of work. I really love the look and feel of these trucks.

If you ever stood next to one or had an opportunity to enjoy a test drive, you will know how massive and comfortable these pickups are.

I purchased the models for the body and chassis, Body & interior were modeled by the Squire Team. Chassis is a hybrid of purchased models and parts I built myself, I modeled the accessories (flatbed, hitches, racks, boxes) with blender 2.8 & 2.9. The sounds are from Roro Customs F450 King Ranch for FS19.

– Scale of model adjusted.
– New “BFG” Tires for offroad. The mod now uses vanilla “Continental” street tires.
– Added flatbed as additional style option.
– Added front bull bar option.
– Suspension and physics adjustments.
– Added color options.
– Pickup is now compatible with HDmodding’s plows (attaching the plow will disable the front bullbar if it’s selected as an option).

– all tire options now cause crop destruction.
– diesel transfer tank is now a separate attachable mod. It can be purchased in the misc. Category of the store.
– added passenger support for multiplayer, requires Kubota DLC.
– modDesc version updated.

– added Ranch Hand Legend Grille Guard (Bumper Options in store with color selection)
– fixed fuel tank tension belt issue with flatbed.
– fixed a minor issue with units
– changed color material. (I didn’t like the way the truck looked with re-Light)
– modDesc version updated.

– modDesc version updated
– suspension adjustments
– reduced polycount a bit
– redid the BFG tire
– added and adjusted colors for more realistic RGB values from Ford catalog
– other misc fixes and adjustments

– modDesc version updated
– fixed not being able to re-fuel from a tank or station
– added front Winch (requires Platinum Forestry DLC)
– added support for Prowler V-Plow (removed 3rd Party snow plow attachment)
– added lightbars and Strobes Prefab by RossN Mods
– added support for future Prowler attachments
– a few other minor tweaks to the suspension.

– modDesc version updated
– firmed up suspension. Should be able to carry around 10,000lbs (4500kg) in the rear bed.
– slightly adjusted dually BFG wheel placement.
– adjustments to plow attacher joint
– added a new wheel option for the F350 SRW FX4 configuration.
– added option to purchase lift kits from the store. (only available when selecting the FX4 style.)
– made the front air deflector selectable for all bumper configurations.

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