LS19 Claas Lexion 500 Pack v2.0

LS 19 Combines
LS19 Claas Lexion 500 Pack v2.0

Claas Lexion 500 Pack
* Modification management
Opening the X-Bunker
O-Unloading auger
* Modification errors
There are log bugs but the game doesn’t interfere
* Advantages of modification *
Full cab lighting
Radio and walkie-talkie
Fixed wiper
Passenger script
Real lights
peeling paint
Several engine modifications
* Author of modification
Tube Modding, IPF, Edit TeoR
* Modification assessment *
*Additional information*
Pack includes header, corn header, trailer, combine.

Model: Tube Modding, IPF Texture: Tube Modding, IPF Script:Tube Modding, IPF,TeoR Idea / Concept: Modding, IPF Testing:Tube Modding, IPF,TeoR Other: Tube Modding, IPF

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